It’s hard to believe that after the Emmy-winning work he did on thirtysomething, Timothy Busfield would next show up on television in a screechy horror movie that finds him trying to throw a killer pussycat into a microwave. In Strays, Busfield and Kathleen Quinlan star as a city couple who move with their baby daughter to a country house. They soon discover the place is overrun by stray cats that prove violent.

In a press release, producer Niki Marvin says, ”Strays is a Hitchcockian thriller in the genre of The Birds, but with cats.” You get the feeling that no one involved ever thought much beyond that — there’s no characterization here, and very little plot, just a lot of corny gliding-camera-at-ground-level shots that are supposed to be from the cats’ point of view. Exactly one scene made me queasy the way a good scary movie should: when Quinlan walked into her little girl’s bedroom and found the crib filled to the top with squirming, squealing cats. Other than that, Strays is two hours of an Emmy award-winning actor standing around saying things like ”They’ve destroyed my dog, ruined my bedroom, and my sinuses are inflamed!” D