Oliver Stone's homophobia -- The Gay & Lesbian Alliance has called the director homophobic for the gay stereotypes in ''JFK''

Based on readings of what is presumed to be a final script, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has called Oliver Stone’s JFK, due out Dec. 20 from Warner Bros., homophobic, and has asked for cuts and a preopening screening. But a Warner spokesman responds, ”Before they complain, they should see JFK. And we will not screen it for anyone who is trying to censor us.” Stone did agree to meet with GLAAD last week.

Starring Kevin Costner as New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison, Stone’s movie makes ”gratuitous use of faggot and swish,” contends Richard Jennings, executive director of GLAAD’s Los Angeles chapter. In the story, Garrison prosecutes Clay Shaw, who was gay, for being part of the conspiracy to kill JFK. The story portrays ”the most stereotyped stuff about gay people,” says Jennings. Ironically enough, Stone is coproducer for an upcoming Warner project, The Mayor of Castro Street, a film biography about gay San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk, who was assassinated in 1978. ”I’ve talked to the Milk movie producers — they say Stone has an awareness which I wish was reflected in JFK,” says Jennings.