Love or Lust

When Adeva! burst onto the dance charts late in ’89 with the international hits ”Warning” and ”Musical Freedom,” she done her Jersey boys proud: The choirgirl-turned-club goddess had been the toast of the Newark club scene with her gospel exuberance, fierce hand-on-hip attitude, and after-hours powers of seduction. With her second release, Love or Lust, Adeva! shows she’s still a church-bred soul capable of getting right down to the nitty-gritty over a hypnotic 4/4 beat. Part Grace Jones, part Tina Turner, she wails on the album’s first single, ”It Should Have Been Me,” full of deep- bellowing emotion, raspy woman-to-woman talk, and a steadily building, stomping dance beat. Most of the album pulses to hard-driving rhythms while Adeva! alternately warns men not to mess around with her and rallies her sisters to her side, but she isn’t afraid to show a tenderly romantic side, as on ”I Would Die for You,” where she’s torn between staying coolheaded or surrendering to her emotions. Adeva! plays the vulnerable-lover-turned-hard-nosed-survivalist with all her heart. True to her name, the lady is a diva. B+

Love or Lust
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