Daryl Hannah, Julian Lennon, and Ken Russell made headlines this week

Watch out, Bart Simpson. Trailblazing producer Steven Bochco’s next project will be a half-hour, prime-time animated series for ABC, possibly debuting in January. Dubbed Capitol Critters, it ”follows the spectacular doings of mice, rats, and cockroaches who live in the basement of the White House,” Bochco says. ”It’s really a lot of fun.” Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, M.D.) will be the voice of Capitol’s ”lead mouse.”

Who’s more formidable than soap queen Susan Lucci (a.k.a. Erica Kane of All My Children)? Try two Susan Luccis. That’s the gimmick of Two Women, a soon-to-shoot CBS TV movie. Lucci stars as an FBI agent on the trail of a hit man who turns out to be a hit woman, played by herself.

Julian Lennon took a youthful approach to backup vocals recently, by hiring a San Fernando Valley-based Girl Scout troop to sing chorus on a cut from his new album, Help Yourself — and ”paying” them with doughnuts and soda. Just for fun, the scouts contributed to a cut called ”New Physics Rant,” thanks to Lennon’s producer, Bob Ezrin, whose daughter is a member of the troop. So far, no merit badges.

To encourage video sales of director Ken Russell’s controversial Whore, Vidmark Entertainment has come up with a trick: It will release not one but four video versions of the film, starring Theresa Russell as a hardened street prostitute. Besides the NC-17 version that played in theaters, Vidmark will distribute the uncut, unrated, 92-minute version; an 80-minute R-rated tape; and another R-rated version, whose cover reads: ”If you can’t say it, just see it.” Vidmark executive vice president Sam Pirnazar says the changes will ”service a variety of different markets with a variety of different requirements. You don’t want children asking, ‘What’s a whore?”’.

”My only misgiving about the film was doing a nude scene, my first,” claims Daryl Hannah in the production notes for her new film, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, but, uhhh, are we missing something here? After all, there were some peekaboo shots of Hannah in the 1982 Summer Lovers, and she did a topless lovemaking scene (with At Play costar Aidan Quinn) in 1984’s Reckless. Hannah’s publicist stands by her statement: ”This is her first nude scene — meaning fully nude.”

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