Entertainment in Biosphere -- We asked some famous people what they would take if they were entering the sealed greenhouse

By EW Staff
Updated December 13, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST

What entertainment would you take with you if you were spending two years in Biosphere 2? We’ve been asking people that question since four men and four women entered the sealed greenhouse in Arizona last September. Here’s a new report on their answers:

Moon Unit Zappa, actress (Normal Life):
”My teddy bear, my diary, my watercolors and pastels, and a video camera.”

Wolfgang Puck, chef and restaurant owner (Spago):
”A case of Chateau Lafite and a case of white truffles. I wouldn’t want to live without them.”

Jason Alexander, actor (Seinfeld):
”I’d bring a copy of Final Exit, because if you locked me into anything for two years, I’d have to kill myself.”