Nia Peeples

VJ Nia Peeples launches her second album, Nia Peeples, with groovy Indian chimes and lines like ”Sometimes I feel it’s a mystical thing/a never-ending journey for my soul,” but the only journey this album takes is straight into the heart of formula pop. Peeples has been a video hostess long enough (first on MTV’s Street Party and later on her syndicated The Party Machine) to know what sells, and here — with the aid of eight different producer-songwriter teams — she pays homage to every female pop star around. There’s her single ”Street of Dreams” (very Janet Jackson), the ballad ”Faces of Love” (Wilson Phillips), ”You Make Me Wanna” (Sheena Easton), ”Kissing the Wind” (the Bangles), and ”The Entity (Sex)” (Mariah Carey). Madonna is visual muse to the newly muscle-bound and stylishly cropped Nia. But what seals this mess is her helium-high treatment of those pop cliches. Peeples’ vocals sound like, well, peeps. D

Nia Peeples
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