Check our letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Armand Assante, ''The Addams Family,'' and ''29th Street''

Mail from our readers

Sneak Preview
With all the big Christmas films coming out this year, I was so happy to see you chose The Addams Family to grace the cover (92). I thoroughly enjoyed your articles about the film, TV show, and strip. I love your magazine, and this issue will definitely be added to my ”save” pile.
Dean Frembling
Buena Park, Calif.

Thank you for the ”Holiday Movie Preview.” Your editorial will help me select the best new movies I’ll attend in the next two months. I hope your publication continues with terrific preview guides and fresh angles on new movies.
Clint Gendusa
Glendale Heights, Ill.

In your preview of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, David Warner is identified as a new face in the Star Trek movies. Not true. Warner was in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
Fred E. Llauget
Gettysburg, Pa.

Why do people put so much money into some very good movies and then limit distribution? Armand Assante is the finest actor around, and yet I have difficulty finding his movies and videos. Fever is out on video now, but national chain video stores don’t have it. You tell me The Mambo Kings is coming out in limited release. Will I ever have the opportunity to see it in my city? It’s very frustrating to me.
Mary Anne Lowe

Just Looking
Great timing! I was just about to write and ask whatever happened to The Browser section, when it reappeared. So I write instead to thank you and ask for more frequent inclusion of this unique and revealing feature.
John McLaughlin
Westwood, N.J.

Bravo for questioning the accuracy of Italian-American life pictured in 29th Street. Danny Aiello and Anthony LaPaglia are as ”real” in their portrayals as Amos ‘n Andy were true depictions of blacks in the ’50s. Hollywood is to be chastised when it insists on putting stereotypical straitjackets on Italian-Americans.
John Primavera
San Diego

Simmons Summons
Thanks for your perceptive comments on the video release of Spartacus. Other critics mentioned only Laurence Olivier, Peter Ustinov, and Charles Laughton — deservedly. Yet few singled out the brilliant performance of the luminous Jean Simmons. I met Jean when she was touring with A Little Night Music, and she was gracious and charming.
George E. Ward
Whiting, N.J.

Flash of Inspiration
The neo-Cubist caricatures by David Cowles found in the Flashes column of your magazine are quite remarkable. To achieve an effective likeness — combined with character insight- through the economic use of interlocking, multihued planes is truly amazing.
Zack Trenholm
San Francisco

‘Silent Treatment’
Your story about our book, Silent Coup: The Removal of a President(90, Nov. 1), was way off the mark. Those who have read the book know it does not outline ”a complex conspiracy theory” as your story claimed, nor do we see ”plots everywhere” to undermine the book, as the subheadline alleged.

The book hardly ”weaves its elaborate premise around the old rumor” that Alexander Haig was Deep Throat, as your story said. We show that Haig was the key Watergate source for Bob Woodward, who as a Navy officer gave private White House briefings to Haig three years before Watergate. When Silent Coup came out six months ago, our publisher, St. Martin’s Press, released transcripts of taped interviews with three former senior Pentagon officials who affirmed Woodward’s briefing job and his contacts with Haig.

Your reporter had those transcripts and was offered an opportunity to hear the tapes. She said that wasn’t necessary because she believed the transcripts were authentic. The transcripts included two interviews with Woodward’s former boss, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Thomas Moorer, who volunteered the fact that Woodward ”was one of the briefers” at the Pentagon from 1969-70. Asked if Woodward had briefed Haig at the White House, Moorer responded, ”Sure, of course,” and described the circumstances.

None of this taped evidence got in the story. Rather, you published a quote from Moorer that gave the erroneous impression he has refuted our reporting. But since Silent Coup’s publication, Moorer has affirmed that when Woodward was at the Pentagon he was dealing with Haig.

Finally, we don’t see a media conspiracy, as Carl Bernstein and a Washington Post reporter claimed. While the Post has tried to discredit it, journalists around the United States and abroad have reviewed Silent Coup favorably.
Robert Gettlin
Len Colodny
Fredericksburg, Va.

Ed. note: We stand by our story.