The '70s revival -- Clothes of that decade are in fashion at the movies

If you finally got around to throwing away your old platform shoes and long- sleeved leotards, you’re out of luck. Hollywood costume designers are desperately seeking those tacky ’70s duds as more and more filmmakers strive to re-create the era of disco fever and The Brady Bunch. And with the movies’ ability to influence fashion trends, that could mean the ’70s revival may be headed for the mainstream.

In My Girl, set in a small town in western Pennsylvania in 1972, Anna Chlumsky sports peasant blouses and rolled-up jeans, while costar Jamie Lee Curtis is decked out in hoop earrings, bell-bottoms, and red suede minidresses. ”It’s difficult because it’s a period that people don’t collect yet,” says My Girl‘s costume designer, Karen Patch, who sometimes hunts for tasteless treasures at garage sales and secondhand stores. ”We didn’t want to just use pink hot pants.”

My Girl, which also boasts Nixon-Agnew posters and Donny Osmond pinups, isn’t the only film slated to bring the ’70s back on the big screen this holiday season. Rush, the story of two narcs in 1975 Texas, re-creates the denim-heavy Southern-rock look of the era. And though the remake of Father of the Bride is set in the present day, it does feature Steve Martin trying in vain to squeeze into his gaudy, wide-lapelled ’70s tux for his daughter’s wedding. Watch for pastel leisure suits and loud polyester shirts to make a comeback next year.

My Girl
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