The most interesting new Jermaine Jackson song isn?t on his new album. In ”Word to be Badd!!,” which was leaked to the country?s most important dance-radio stations days before You Said?s release, Jermaine takes venomous aim at brother Michael?s quirk, both public (plastic surgery and chemically lighted skin) and private (Jermaine accuses Michael of abandoning his family in pursuit of fame and treasure). Before the leak, Jermaine had last been seen on Entertainment Tonight insisting, ”I had to come forward” to protest sister La Toya?s family-slamming new autobiography. But let?s pretend Jermaine is an only child: You Said?s muscular dance pop still comes up short. Almost every cut would be forgettable if it didn?t sink its hooks into the listener by sheer repetition. Only the cleaned up version of ”Word to be Badd!!,” a dance-floor workout title ”You Said, You Said,” has any real mysical power and — surprise! — its diluted lyrics sound heartfelt, although its target is so fuzzy it could be a girlfriend. (This week, Arista releases the unexpurgated version as a single after all.) Jermaine once had talent and drive, as 1980?s million-selling Let?s Get Serious attested, but being a Jackson seems to have taken it all out of him. C-