Tevin Campbell made a splash on Quincy Jones? Grammy-winning Back on the Block, the got shanghaied by Prince to act and sing in Graffiti Bridge. The movie bombed, but Campbell?s single, the loose, dancey ”Round and Round,” was a hit; now his debut album descends on an audience primed to adore him. Cute enough to attract hordes of musically undiscriminating females, the 15-year-old?s got a lucid choirboy?s voice, an unerring instinct for the right song, and a fetching sense of humor. T.E.V.I.N. features ”Round and Round,” of course, but equally impressive moments can be found on the album?s smooth pleas for love (”Alone With You”) and its elegant dance numbers (”Strawberry Letter,” ”Just Ask Me To”). There?s even a nod to Campbell?s gospel background (”One Song”) and the charming ”Lil? Brother” which finds Campbell trying to pick up a dubious 17-year-old girl. T.E.V.I.N. eventually runs out of steam, but most of it is strong that only and act of sabotage could sap Campbell?s momentum toward stardom. A-