Incredible Animation Collection Vol. 2

For every pratfall taken by a cartoon character, animators have to crank out galleries of drawings — up to two dozen to create one second of film. That’s why CAV-format discs offer a much better way than tape to watch cartoons: With clear freeze-frame and slow-motion capabilities, you can savor the individual character poses blending into movement.

Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough cartoons worth savoring in these CAV collections. The 13 shorts on Spike & Mike range from icky-cute duds to gems like the gross-out guide How to Kiss, by Bill Plympton (he does MTV’s brilliant ”Enemies” spots). On the Incredibles discs, the only entries that live up to their billing are the cockroach extravaganza Juke Bar (Vol. 1) and the orphaned-infant tale Every Child (Vol. 2). Boiled down to a single disc, the obvious standouts among all these shorts would have been something to get truly animated about. Spike & Mike: C+
Incredible Vol. 1: B-
Vol. 2: B

Incredible Animation Collection Vol. 2
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