Frank Sinatra's concert -- Some idol chatter about Sinatra's Diamond Jubilee Tour

Nick: You know, you take your Tom Jones, your Englebert, your Wayne Newton, and you add ’em up, you maybe, maybe come up to Frank’s waist.
Paulie: Not even to his knee Don’t get me wrong — they’re class acts. But we’re talking about Francis Albert Sinatra. You think any of those guys could fill up Madison Square Garden when they’re 75?
Nick: Whaddya kiddin’ me? Forget about it!
Paulie: I mean, look at this joint. The Garden! Frank draws a class crowd, too-not a bunch of crumb-bums. Look at this place, Nick, you ever see so many minks?
Nick: You mean legal?
Paulie: And the skirts. Jeez, they look like belts!
Nick: Look over there, you got your Joe Piscopo, you got your Robert Merrill, you got your, geez, Claudette Colbert?
Paulie: There’s some guy in an ascot!
Nick: And there’s Kathie Lee and Giff.
Paulie: You know, Giff looks good. He oughta be coaching.
Nick: Shhhh, Corbett Monica’s on!
Corbett: So we’re on vacation, on a boat in the middle of the lake, and Frank walks by
Paulie: Here come Steve and Eydie. You know, they’re good people. Class. That Eydie-best pipes in the business today. Period.
Nick: You know, Paulie, I’m surprised Liza’s not here for this.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Frank Sinatra

Frank: (sings) I’m just a knocked-out, cuckoo individual… That’s why the chick is a champ…As long as there’s love, you can bet your bird I’ll make it…(says) I’d like to thank my accountants, Mr. Chivas and Mr. Regal…May you all live to be 717 years old and may the last voice you hear be mine

Paulie: The man has still got it. The voice maybe is a little wavery, and sometimes he needs, like, a bookmark to find the next verse, but he has still got it.
Nick: When he sings ”I’ve Got the World on a String,” hard to argue with him, you know what I’m saying?
Paulie: My pal tells me Frankie is going over to the club ”21” afterwards.
Nick: Byootiful! Let’s go and try to get mano a mano with Francis.
Paulie: (at ”21”) Nick, you think these bodyguards will mind us hanging around?
Nick: Nah, they’re just for the press. We’re his fans. He loves us! Paulie: Yeah, Frank knows how to take care of his people. Leave it to him to pick such a class joint. You ever see so many limos?
Nick: You know, Paulie, this is how show biz oughta be.