Curtis Stigers

Poor Curtis Stigers. The New York-based singer-songwriter-saxophonist should be content: Most of his debut album, Curtis Stigers, was produced by in-demand hotshot Glen Ballard (Wilson Phillips, Michael Jackson), and the result is radio-friendly, if utterly generic, shlock-pop — a slightly funkier Michael Bolton. But apparently there is still a major gap in his life. ”Love is a hunger that burns in my soul/But you never notice the pain,” Stigers sings on his ballad hit ”I Wonder Why,” and his angst doesn?t let up. A true masochist, Stigers constantly hungers for women who treat him like dirt (”I can?t stand to live without you, baby/But living with you is a living hell”) then leave him for ”lovers at the office/and boyfriends on the coast.” And what do Stigers? competitors have to offer that he doesn?t? ”He?ll have the money in the bank/And wash the dishes too,” Stigers sneers, as if being financially secure fella who helps with the household chores is something so horrid. No wonder they ditch him. C

Curtis Stigers
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