Charlie Hoover (Tim Matheson) is a timid nerd with a wild-man voice in his head that we see in the form of 12-inch-high Hugh, played by loudmouthed comic Sam Kinison. Charlie also sees Hugh, although no one else can. This leads to scenes such as the recent one in which Hugh tried to hide in Charlie’s underwear drawer, prompting Charlie to say, ”Hey, will you get out of my underwear?” Hugh snapped back, ”Bet that’s the first time you ever said that to a guy!”

Charlie Hoover is, in general, submoronic, an idiotic creation stuffed with crude jokes. You just feel sorry for Matheson for being trapped in this mess, but contempt is probably appropriate for Kinison — this is, after all, the guy who used to tour the country billed as an ”outlaw of comedy” — we were supposed to think that his screamed misogyny was an act of fierce rebellion. But even if that were true, Charlie Hoover suggests that Kinison is now just a cynical sellout. F