The Canterville Ghost

He was a dark and stormy knight. How dark? According to legend, Sir Simon de Canterville murdered his wife. How stormy? For nearly 500 years he has been haunting the English manor recently inherited by the Otis family from Ohio. That doesn’t worry the Otises, though, at least not until Sir Simon’s ghost shows up in this memorable WonderWorks production of The Canterville Ghost. Only the Otises’ young daughter, Virginia, is unafraid of Sir Simon. Eventually she talks with him and learns he was unjustly accused of the crime. That Richard Kiley should make a convincing, armor-clanking ghost of a knight, capable of evoking both fear and laughter, should come as no surprise to those who recall his performance as Don Quixote, Cervantes’ comic royal hero, in Man of La Mancha. A note to parents: Although Sir Simon turns out to be a nice guy, his thundering presence early in the drama is likely to frighten some kids, especially younger ones. A

The Canterville Ghost
  • Movie
  • 56 minutes