Tony Ward, part-time model and Madonna's beau -- After appearing in the ''Justify My Love'' video, he is now working at a construction job

Larry Fortensky, move over: On Los Angeles’ trendy Melrose Avenue last week, crowds gathered to gawk into the windows of Metro, a posh eatery that plans to open at the end of November. Inside, part-time model and sometime Madonna beau Tony Ward, who played the stud puppet in her Justify My Love video last winter, labored shirtless at his independent construction job, welding and laying concrete for the restaurant’s futuristic-Deco interior. ”It was cold some mornings he was in there,” says an employee at the store next door, ”but the shirt would come off just the same.” Despite the display, the now Mohawk-coiffed Ward, who still sees Madonna regularly, never got her to pay a visit.