Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''JFK'' and the 101 Most Influential People in Entertainment

Mail from our readers

  • A Power Read
  • After reading ”Power 101” (90, Nov. 1), I asked myself: Is the place of women in entertainment changing? Judging from the results of your list, only slightly. Only 20 women were featured, yet out of the 20, 11 are new to the list. Is this a statistic that bodes well for the situation of women in the industry? Possibly. I guess we’ll see next year.
  • Dan Saltztein
  • Amherst, Mass.

How sad that your ”Power 101” issue couldn’t find room for Francis Ford Coppola or Woody Allen.
Steve Barr
Culver City, Calif.

Editor’s Note: Other readers’ suggestions for the ”Power People” list were George Lucas, Barbra Streisand, Warren Beatty, Tom Cruise, and Robert De Niro. Agent Morton Janklow brought to our attention that he represents the writings of Barbara Bush, not First Dog Millie. Agent Marvin Josephson notes that he no longer represents Jimmy Carter. John Branca laid the groundwork for Michael Jackson’s $65 million Sony contract, not Janet Jackson’s pact with Virgin.

Power 101” was a true Halloween edition. The treat was the 101 most influential people in entertainment; the trick was the Top Tapes column that was repeated from your Oct. 18 issue.
Louis Kramberg

Holiday Fare
In ”Gift-Wrapped JFK” Stephen Schaefer claims that while JFK was originally set to open in February, Warner Bros. is making a ”big push” to release the film at Christmas due to our ”somewhat lackluster holiday roster.” JFK was never set to open in February. It has always been our intention to release the film at Christmas, since we think it has enormous, groundbreaking impact, and we want it to receive the largest possible audience.

We also take exception to Schaefer’s critical description of our Christmas movies as ”lackluster.” Our lineup offers a variety of quality, exciting motion pictures, made by talented filmmakers and stars. One of those films is The Last Boy Scout, starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. Early independent research screenings — always very good barometers of audience reaction — have been rated excellent by audiences — similar to scores for Lethal Weapon. Schaefer states that Memoirs of an Invisible Man, our adventure-romance starring Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah, was a holiday film but is being held until next year. Wrong again. Memoirs was never scheduled to open in December.

One final note: When Schaefer called me, he spoke only about JFK. At no time did he mention Memoirs of an Invisible Man, The Last Boy Scout, or any of our other projects. Had he asked, I would have been pleased to clear up any misinformation.
Robert G. Friedman
President, Worldwide Theatrical Advertising and Publicity, Warner Bros.
Burbank, Calif.