Hollywood Turkeys ?- A brief evolution of Hollywood's good movies turned bad

Some bad movies just die peacefully, but others, like Hudson Hawk, lay an egg that hatches a full-fledged gobbler. Here, a brief evolutionary history of Hollywood turkeys through the years.

When A Turkey Was Just A Turkey
Though the movie flopped, Anna Sten, Samuel Goldwyn’s Russian import, was the real bomb. His hoped-for next Garbo was soon dubbed Anna Stench and has gone down in film history as Goldwyn’s Edsel.

Turkey Famous Because It’s A Turkey
The Horn Blows At Midnight
The movie, in which Jack Benny plays an angel sent to trumpet in Judgment Day, was more dog than turkey. But it sank to the level of famous fowl as the butt of Benny’s jokes for the rest of his career.

Box Office Turkey As Cultural Icon
The Wizard of Oz
In 1939, it failed to break even. But since it first aired on TV in 1956, it has become beloved and profitable, to the tune of ”Somewhere Over 35 Million Dollars.”

Born-Again Turkey
Eddie and the Cruisers
By the early ’80s, cable TV and VCRs were giving films that died in theaters a second life. Eddie‘s unexpectedly strong debut on HBO in 1984 led to many repeated airings and made the soundtrack a hit.

Overstuffed Turkeys
Howard the Duck
Since Howard‘s megafailure, we’ve come to expect a big-name, big-budget, hype-heavy flop just about every year. Ten years ago, a Heaven’s Gate was a rarity, but Howard ushered in such superturkeys as Ishtar (1987), The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), and Hudson Hawk.

Howard the Duck
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