Entertainment in Biosphere -- We asked some famous people what they would take if they were entering the sealed greenhouse

We asked some famous folks what entertainment they would take with them if they were to enter Biosphere 2, the sealed greenhouse in which four men and four women have now spent eight weeks of a planned two-year stay. Here’s our latest Biosphere update:

”I would take The Godfather set of movies to remind me of what the world is like, Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby to remind of what the world could be, and a CD of Marvin Gaye’s, because everyone needs a little soul.”

”A Jane Fonda exercise video, so I’d come out with a beautiful body.”

LAURIE ANDERSON, performance artist:
”One or two homeless people, because I don’t think it’s possible to create a Garden of Eden that has nothing to with the way the world really is.”

DANA DELANY, actress:
”All of Proust. It would probably take two years to read it.”