We Can't Dance

At a time when everything is uncertain — communism is collapsing, Iraq may or may not have nuclear warheads, New Kids on the Block are trying to prove their maturity by growing facial hair — you almost have to admire a record like We Can’t Dance. It’s somehow comforting that no matter how many years pass between Genesis albums (in this case, five), you know precisely what you’re getting. You know that Phil Collins will write maudlin love songs and heavy-handed social commentary, that guitarist Mike Rutherford will strum along idly, and that keyboardist Tony Banks will set it all to the blandest watercolor synthesizers this side of Yanni. You know there will be a couple of fleeting moments when the band breaks out of its torpor — for instance, on the very polite primal stomp of ”I Can’t Dance” — and that such moments will just as quickly be subsumed by the rest of the musical quicksand. So let’s hear it for consistency. Anyone? C

We Can't Dance
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