Scanners 2: The New Order

Neither of these sequels would ever have been made without the built-in audience that turned the originals into video hits. But renter beware: The follow-ups offer more of the same with none of the frills. They’re not sequels so much as generic remakes. In Mannequin Two, Kristy Swanson and William Ragsdale replace Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy to retell the same old story about a department-store clerk who falls for a come-to-life mannequin. The first time around was silly enough; the second insults the intelligence of the average 12-year-old. Meanwhile, Scanners 2 features some nondescript actors playing telekinetic misfits exploited by government bad guys. Sound familiar? The first Scanners was directed by David Cronenberg (The Fly). Scanners 2 was directed by rote. Both tapes: D

Scanners 2: The New Order
  • Movie
  • 104 minutes