By Jill Rachlin
Updated November 15, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST

A buddy picture for the over-60 set, this vaguely amusing comedy stars George C. Scott and Don Ameche as bachelor retirees who stumble upon $3.6 million in drug money. Comrades in cash, they trade in their trailer-park existence for life in the fast lane and, not surprisingly, clash over how to spend the spoils. Originally made for TV (you’ll know exactly where the commercials go), Pals is most memorable for its odd casting: great dramatic actor Scott (Patton) as a silly social climber, longtime leading man Ameche (Cocoon) as a modest postman who longs only for a microwave, and ’30s starlet Sylvia Sidney (Dead End) as Scott’s acerbic mom. Despite all the talent, the movie ends up more filler than farce. C