The origins of a band name -- How Abba, Pink Floyd, L.L. Cool J, and other bands created their names

Yo! I heard another gnarly band-name origin.” ”Yeah?” ”Check it out: Led Zeppelin is actually the phrase used by Who drummer Keith Moon, who thought the band would go over ‘like a lead zeppelin.”’ ”No way!” ”Way! And if you thought that was totally bonus, get a loada these band names, dude.”

Abba Acronym formed by first names of band members Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, and Anni-Frid.
Fatima Mansions After a slum in Dublin.
The Grateful Dead Name spotted in a dictionary by guitarist Jerry Garcia during a pot party at bass player Phil Lesh’s house.
Jesus Jones From the band’s Spanish fixation — combining the common name ”Jesus” with ”Jones,” the Spanish nickname for gringos.
L.L. Cool J Ladies Love Cool James.
Pink Floyd Homage to Georgia bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
The Pogues From ”Pogue Mahone” (”kiss my arse” in Gaelic).
Steely Dan Name of a sexual device in William Burroughs’ 1959 novel, Naked Lunch.
Tears for Fears Passage from Arthur Janov’s book on primal-scream therapy, Prisoners of Pain.
Tesla After Nikola Tesla, the Yugoslavian inventor instrumental in development of radio and alternating-current machinery.
They Might Be Giants Title of a 1971 movie starring George C. Scott.