''Northern Exposure'''s location problems -- Residents of the town where the series is filmed have issues privacy and property

With tourists thronging the streets and business booming, residents of Roslyn, Wash., might feel fortunate to be playing host to Northern Exposure, the hit CBS-TV series filmed there. But not everyone in this former mining community agrees. At a recent city council meeting, a petition signed by 136 of Roslyn’s 900-odd residents was presented. It alleged that in turning the town into the mythical Cicely, Alaska, Exposure frequently infringes on privacy and property. Among the residents’ complaints: disruption of sleep due to late- night filming, lack of parking, and trespassing. Many signers were especially distressed by the sight of a dozen male actors running naked through town last spring in a scene depicting an annual Cicely ritual that aired later that season.

Petition-drive organizer Lea Beardsley says city officials still haven’t fulfilled protestors’ demands for stricter filming guidelines. ”The people in the administration are star-struck,” she says.

The naked truth, says Mayor Jack Denning, is that the relationship between most of Roslyn and the TV cast remains cordial. ”They’re happy,” he says. ”At least that’s what comes back to me.”

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