Moon in Scorpio

There is a terrific idea behind the Family Stand: Create a band interested in peace, love, and harmony who’ll also kick down the walls between genres, erase distinctions between black music and white music, and make the term ”crossover” extinct. Unfortunately, Family Stand are not nearly as impressive in practice as they are in theory. Peter Lord, V. Jeffrey Smith, and Sandra St. Victor certainly know their way around a studio as producers, having most recently funked up Paula Abdul’s Spellbound. But Moon in Scorpio, like their previous effort, last year’s Chain, never quite gets going. For all the group’s good intentions, slightly addlepated hippie sentiments such as ”You make me see this world with a third eye” from ”Chakra Love” come off as naive. And the political songs — ”New World Order” and ”Plantation Radio” — make their points ineptly, the first seemingly eager to usher in George Bush’s new world order, the second claiming that bias keeps the group off the airwaves. The rest is third generation-photocopy Family Stone funk-rock, so aggressively cheerful you can’t help suspecting that it’s a trick, and that the Stand are actually deeply cynical. C-

Moon in Scorpio
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