The Best of MTV's 120 Minutes

This compilation from MTV’s alternative-music show raises the musical question: why? Why drop $15 for 10 music videos when you can have 32 equally groovy tunes on Rhino’s concurrent CD for the same price? The answer: images, the lifeblood of the MTV generation. But while the hipster posturing of 120 Minutes is a far cry from the scantily-clad-women-plus-fast-cars formula of the average music video, the show’s artsy preciousness can get tedious. Geek-chic duo They Might Be Giants perform ”Ana Ng” with jerky precision, and Camper Van Beethoven’s good-natured quirkiness in ”Eye of Fatima” is at least interesting. But Brit twits Modern English and Stone Roses deliver just what you’d expect: pretty guys with cool haircuts playing against psychedelic backdrops. On the whole, these videos are visually only slightly less predictable than, say, Warrant’s latest affront to female dignity. B

The Best of MTV's 120 Minutes
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