7th annual Rita Hayworth Gala -- What celebrities like Brooke Shields and Isabella Rossellini wore to the black and white affair

We figured we hadn’t lived until we saw Robin Leach do the twist. We figured we wouldn’t sleep until we saw Sonia Braga in Bob Mackie evening wear. We figured it has been 25 years since Truman Capote’s legendary black-and-white masked ball, and after all, Robin Leach is the Capote of the ’90s (Yes! The rich and famous have breakfast at Tiffany’s! Fantastic!). So we put on black- and-white Gap evening wear and went to the seventh annual Rita Hayworth Gala, which benefits the Alzheimer’s Association and this year was a Black and White Halloween Ball at New York’s Tavern on the Green. Fantastic! We saw Regis Philbin rig-a-dig around the room, trawling for compliments (”Am I really the best?”). We saw Bianca Jagger kiss the air. We looked down and thought we saw the ghost of Truman Capote, but it was only ball gown-meister Arnold Scaasi, charming some South Americans. ”Your wife is so beal. And she’s so rich!” he told the senor. Answered prayers: The band played ”Mack the Knife.” (Reporting by Sharon Isaak)