This Is 24-7 Spyz!

Like Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz come out of New York City’s groundbreaking Black Rock Coalition. The Spyz’s road to stardom, however, has been a little rockier. Under leader Jimi Hazel, whose first name is an homage to the man who most influenced his guitar playing, 24-7 Spyz put out two unfocused independent albums before half of Hazel’s band quit, citing artistic differences. Now the group has rebounded with beaucoup attitude on this five-song EP. This Is… 24-7 Spyz! starts off with ”Tick, Tick, Tick,” a brief in-your-face recapitulation of the band’s recent history, before barging into funked-up metallic stew on ”Stuntman,” a life-in-the-record-biz howl of protest: ”Record company motherf—ers/Pullin’ stunts like chicken pluckers/Tell me what the flavor is today.” For the rest of the record, 24-7 Spyz demonstrate their prowess in a broad mixture of pop, soul, rap, and metal — with fairly impressive results, considering the band’s recent artistic and personnel problems. B

This Is 24-7 Spyz!
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