Sting: The Soul Stages Concert

Taped during this year’s tour to promote the Soul Cages album, this 90-minute concert features both the irresistible hooks of old Police hits like ”Message in a Bottle” and the haunting melodies of solo material like ”Fortress Around Your Heart.” Unfortunately, Sting, one of the most distinctive pop tunesmiths of his generation, appears to be having an off night. That he looks less robust than usual may be due in part to the hyper-fluorescent lighting, but this can’t account for the obvious strain on Sting’s face — and in his voice — at some points or his palpably waning energy at others. Granted, he and his virtuosic band offer a vigorous set, long on extended jams that range from ostentatious to inspired. But Sting has done this before — without committing the cardinal sin of live entertainment: making it look like work. B-

Sting: The Soul Stages Concert
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