Stars' exile entertainment -- What David Crosby, Bart Simpson, and more would pack to amuse themselves in Biosphere 2

Sometimes it takes a sense of deprivation to establish priorities. If you were entering Biosphere 2 and shutting the world out for two years, what entertainment would you bring?

David Crosby, musician: ”My favorite book, Neuromancer, by Bill Gibson, and for a record, it would be Sketches of Spain, by Miles (Davis), ’cause I miss him.”

Stephen Stills, musician: ”The collected works of Tom Clancy, and for a video, the Football Follies.”

Fred Savage, actor: ”If I could only take one thing, I’d bring photographs of my family. But I could stick the pictures in my pocket, and no one would see them, so I’d also bring a fax machine, with a phone, so I could communicate with the outside world.”

Bart Simpson, nemesis: ”To show my love for Mother Earth, I’d bring aerosol cans, Styrofoam cups, and a big box of cigars.”