Real Love

Lisa Stansfield first taunted us with a bit of Affection (that was her ’90 U.S. debut), taking us ”All Around the World” (that was her first hit single), searching for her lost baby with teary-eyed determination. With her second release Stansfield proves she isn’t just another soul crooner with robust vocals and an air of longing. The aptly titled Real Love is a collection of steamy love songs, accented with flutes, horns, and sometimes, lush, Barry White-like orchestration. Stansfield has cut out slogans in favor of meaty personal politics, taking a more clinical look at what triggers her emotions. On ”Symptoms of Loneliness and Heartache,” she reaches deep down in her heart (and throat) to tell an ex: ”I don’t see emotion or quality of life/Just symptoms of loneliness and heartache.” And yet she isn’t afraid to cut loose, as on ”It’s Got to Be Real.” Ultimately, Stansfield comes off as a hopeless romantic who has all the strength and determination to convert even the worst cynic. A

Real Love
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