Mortal Thoughts

Decked out in tight jeans, with big hair and a bad New Jersey accent, Demi Moore stars in Mortal Thoughts, an unkempt thriller about a beautician who helps her best friend (Glenne Headly) cover up the murder of her abusive husband (Bruce Willis). No Thelma and Louise, the women soon turn on each other, with Moore pointing a manicured finger at her former pal. But is she telling the truth? Who is the accomplice and who is the murderer? Directed by Alan Rudolph (Choose Me), this tedious film, rife with flashbacks and slow-motion sequences that underscore the already overbearing plot and exaggerated characters, fails both as a mystery and as a statement on marital violence. After a short life in theaters, Mortal Thoughts hits the video stores DOA. D+

Mortal Thoughts
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