Dangerous Curves

During her late-’70s stint with the Runaways and early in her solo career, singer-guitarist Lita Ford showed potential as a hard-rockin’ woman. On her last couple of albums, however, she seemed to bow down to too-slick formula pop, and with Dangerous Curves, the struggle for Ford’s musical soul continues. When she sticks to her fierce roots, as she does on ”Larger Than Life” and ”Hellbound Train,” the brazen fire of her singing and playing almost busts through the glossiness to recapture her long-dormant raw power. Almost, but not quite. The 15-year veteran seems a little rusty, and quickly reverts to such radio-friendly pop as ”Shot of Poison” and ”Little Too Early.” Ford has never been at her best when she plays nicey-nice, but maybe she has toed the line too long now to change. C+

Dangerous Curves
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