Bite Down Hard

Britny Fox pose as a rough, tough, and nasty crew — and they may actually live up to their billing. On their third album, Bite Down Hard the hard-rock quartet sports a snarling new lead singer and wild-at-heart tunes about loose women, partying, and every other rock cliché. There are heavy, grinding tunes like ”Louder,” over-the-top rockers such as ”Shot From My Gun,” a bluesy ballad in ”Over and Out,” and, of course, the token uplifting song, ”Look My Way.” It may not be that these guys planned on cutting such a shallow slice of hard rock — the unabashed aggression and spirited enthusiasm of their playing shows they could very well be sincere. But bands like Britny Fox, neither great nor really awful, are at best only background music for illicit teen beer bashes. C

Bite Down Hard
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