Sons of the P

Since Digital Underground see themselves as an extension of George Clinton’s ’70s funk empire (which included Parliament, hence the title of this record, Sons of the P), they don’t try to dazzle us with a flurry of clever, swirling samples. They’d rather drag us into a bed of deep, deep bass, rolling in seemingly endless grooves. Though they’re famously silly, they get stupid without being dumb: ”No Nose Job” is a hilarious backhanded slap at African-American celebrities for whom fame means (literally) lightening up, and ”Good Thing We’re Rappin”’ wryly celebrates Digital Underground’s success — in one of the only (legal) fields open to young black men. Sons of the P‘s first single, ”Kiss You Back,” is the ultimate sweet radio — and party — single, generating happiness without sappiness. As colorful as ever, Digital Underground have avoided the dreaded sophomore slump with tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. A

Sons of the P
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