Running Against Time

In this timeworn time-travel movie, history professor Robert Hays, with the help of pipe-smoking physicist Sam Wanamaker and a neat contraption in his lab, visits 1963 Dallas to try to change history. A movie like Running Against Time can itself take the viewer back — to Sunday nights watching The Wonderful World of Disney in pajamas. It has the requisite warm ‘n’ fuzzy subplot about brotherly love, and even the cheap and forthright special effects are reminiscent of the era. But science-fiction stories in ’60s boys’ magazines had more imagination. After kids have seen The Terminator and Back to the Future, not too many of them (or their parents) will sit still for this one — unless they’re armed with their own amazing device, the remote-control fast-forward. In that case they can zap this picture where it largely belongs: into the past. C-

Running Against Time
  • Movie
  • 92 minutes