Right Here

When Ford wants to sell you a new car, they show the old model, then change its shape with computer graphics. When Columbia wants to sell you a new Eddie Money album, they change his shape by trick cover photography and hope you won’t look for the spare tire. Though workaday album rocker Eddie may seem an anachronism these days, the essential good-hearted-bozo image he established with 1978’s ”Baby Hold On” has worn well with time — most likely because it never promised that much in the first place. Right Here doesn’t offer much variation from Money’s tried-and-true, hard-pop formula; his voice, which sounds like that of Free/Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers, is again wasted singing bland, mildly catchy songs (one of which, the soundtrack-ready ”Another Nice Day in L.A.,” seems a slick but certain hit). Ho-hum. Someone should put this guy in a studio with screech-guitar king Eddie Van Halen, give Van Halen’s terminally grating singer Sammy Hagar the boot he richly deserves, and do all of their careers — and us — a great big favor. C+

Right Here
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