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Mail from our readers

  • Goldie Rush
  • I am writing in response to Tim Appelo’s article on Goldie Hawn (#87, Oct. 11). This was my first time reading Entertainment Weekly, and I was very impressed by the depth of the interview. Goldie is not a ”ditz”! Thank you for this entertaining and informative piece.
  • Vanessa Kay
  • New York City

A Tribute to Miles
Examining your cover, I was appalled to see Goldie Hawn featured rather than Miles Davis. I understand that your magazine likes to capture attention with recent stars, but Davis is a legend, and when legends die, they deserve more tribute than anyone still alive. At least you put him at the top [of the cover], where he belongs. My compliments to Greg Sandow for a truthfully written article — there aren’t many of those about Davis around.
Matthew B. Ebersole
Kent, Ohio

Blind Reporting
After reading your News & Notes story ”The Shallow End,” by Kate Meyers, I’m reminded of the fable about the blind men feeling different parts of an elephant, each drawing the wrong animal. ”Shallow” describes Ms. Meyers’ knowledge of the television business — and her story as a whole — far more accurately than it defines ABC’s prime-time fortune. If your deadlines force you to offer 2 1/2-week-old ratings as ”news,” despite more recent information being reported in every newspaper in the land, at least your reporter should understand their import — which is clearly not the case here. To rush into such dire predictions based on ”premiere week” (ABC chose to premiere five new series the following week) is both foolish and ill-informed. To state categorically that ABC Entertainment president Robert Iger had ”abruptly shifted gears” regarding demographics versus household ratings indicates that Ms. Meyers had not done her homework. She requested an interview with Mr. Iger, which his schedule would not permit on such short notice. Apparently, what she wanted was a crash course in network television. ”Shallow” indeed.
Bob Wright
Vice President, Public Relations, West Coast, ABC
Century City, Calif.

Editor’s Note: We stand by our story — and our reporter — in every particular. And we remind Mr. Wright that he told us, as our story notes, that our interview request was denied because ”(Mr. Iger) won’t discuss the new season until after a month has passed…,” not because we gave him short notice.”]

Carey’s Lyrics
Lighten up on Mariah Carey. Few 20-year-olds are capable of the lyrical development you demand. The best lyrics are the ones written to explain life itself, and the lyrics of life, like love, take time.
Robert Sampron
Littleton, Colo.