Farce's future -- We imagine what pie-throwing films from Spike Lee, Steve Spielberg, and John Hughes would look like

Perhaps slapstick hasn’t taken its ultimate pratfall. If the slices of success enjoyed by farcical summer hits The Naked Gun 2 1/2 and Hot Shots! are any indication, directors will be throwing more meringue-filled pies than ever before. It might work like this:

Jonathan Demme
Throws pie. Anthony Hopkins eats baker.

Federico Fellini
Throws pie, hitting fat woman’s breast. Midget claps.

Spike Lee
Throws pie. Incites mob to burn down bakery.

Akira Kurosawa
Recounts throwing of pie from five points of view.

Alfred Hitchcock
Throws pie. Pie takes six shots to land. Chase ensues.

Brian de Palma
Throws Hitchcock’s pie.

David Lynch
Throws pie just like everyone else. Media call him a genius.

Steven Spielberg
Throws pie. It turns into a wonderful spaceship…as seen through the eyes of a small boy.

Barry Levinson
Throws pie at Warren. Annette turns up pregnant.

Mike Nichols Pie hits nasty Harrison Ford in head. Dumber but sweeter Ford buys puppy.

John Hughes
Throws same pie every three months.

Woody Allen
Throws pie. Feels guilty for getting laugh.

Ingmar Bergman
Throws pie. God dies.

Martin Scorsese
Throws pie better than anyone else, but Costner gets Oscar.