Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''Designing Women,'' vinyls, and ''Brooklyn Bridge''

Mail from our readers

‘Women’ Redesign
If the ratings for the season opener of Designing Women (#86 Oct, 4) were really the highest in the show’s history, it must have been because of viewer curiosity. Linda Bloodworth-Thomason might be very happy to be rid of Delta Burke, but she is also rid of me. Thank goodness I had the foresight to tape all of the old shows.
Gwen Nolte
Oceanside, Calif.

Who at CBS has you in their back pocket? Delta was the freshest and funniest on the show. She will be sorely missed.
Marge Robinson
Virginia Beach, Va.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. It seems that the DW team has forgotten Delta Burke’s enormous contribution to the show’s success. They may have been able to replace her on the Sugarbaker couch, but they have come up with a larger void only the reruns can fill.
Alfredo Lozano Jr.
San Diego

Final Vinyl
Your article on the demise of vinyl brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, David Browne — I will never let my albums rot in some attic. As for CDs, well, I have no choice but to buy them now, thanks to executives who decided that we, the general public, don’t want vinyl anymore.
Nisla Dean
Sarasota, Fla.

It occurs to me that it is people like you who are responsible for the death of the LP. If you hadn’t been in such a hurry to go out and buy CD players and CDs, then the record companies would never have mass-produced them. Don’t be so quick to attack record companies, which were only giving the public what they wanted.
Allan Liska
Adephi, Md.

Vinyl? Pop. Skip. Warp. Goodbye. Good riddance.
George K. Kmetz

Royal Rise
It’s sad that your reviewer decided not to like the new Prince album long before he stripped off the longbox. Is this Prince’s best or most adventurous album? Not by a long shot. But he has two singles from this release in the Top 40. Doesn’t sound like ”the master of pop” is ”spinning his wheels” to me.
Jeffrey A. Stoner
Altamonte Springs, Fla.

Well-Built ‘Bridge’
I agree with the A- that Ken Tucker gave Brooklyn Bridge — although I’d leave off the minus. I’m holding my breath, however, being well aware of the fast-food tastes that the bulk of viewers seem to have. It would be a shameful declaration of the mentality of TV’s public if this one went down the tubes.
G.B. Johnson-Riley
Alamo, Calif.