Face the Nation

On Face the Nation, Kid ‘N Play continue to do what they’ve done solidly on their last two albums: perform accessible, life’s-a-party rap. But it sounds as if they’ve been a bit distracted by all their outside projects, from Sprite commercials to the sequel to their hit movie, House Party. The album certainly isn’t bad, just workmanlike — and yet Kid ‘N Play have their moments. The first single, ”Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody,” is catchy, catchy, catchy: The bass jiggles with glee and the two sung choruses will reverberate in your head for days. Of course, Kid ‘N Play rap, too: Rather than dazzling you with lyrics about mean streets, they spend most of their time egging you on to have a good time and telling you how much fun they’re having. Sometimes that’s just what you need. B

Face the Nation
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