Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''Star Trek,'' Garth Brooks, and Ice Cube

Mail from our readers

Gone Trekkin’
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful story ”Star Trek at 25” (#85 Sept., 27) Most of all I’d like to thank Benjamin Svetkey for his ”I, Trekkie” column at the end of the piece. With all of the hype surrounding Star Trek‘s 25th anniversary in the mass media, this is easily the best coverage so far. Svetkey says in a few honest paragraphs what we as Trek fans have known all along. Beyond any mythical quality that a philosopher or academician may assign to it…Star Trek is fun for the ages.
Michael Schilling

I was offended when Benjamin Svetkey wrote that ”Next to the Partridge Family, (Star Trek) has inspired more misguided crooning careers than any other TV show.” Why make such a statement? Shirley Jones is one of the finest singers ever! David Cassidy is not doing all that badly, and no other cast member has ever tried to sing! Please don’t tell me he got them confused with the Brady Bunch.
Janet Strauss
Valencia, Calif.

Wind Burn’
While I found your feature on Garth Brooks both entertaining and insightful, I was distressed and offended by Ken Tucker’s review of Brooks’ new album, Ropin’ the Wind. I didn’t take issue with the negative views of the work itself; it was the attack on the performer’s personal character that unsettled me. If Brooks had patterned his new release in the same genre as his previous recordings, he would have been labeled trite and mediocre. Instead, because he dared to venture in a new direction he was tagged a self-absorbed egomaniac.
Tina Dunlap
Arlington, Tex.

Apparently Peter Kobel was so eager to participate in the St. Ides-Ice Cube massacre that he was incapable of seeing the big picture. Implying that the McKenzie River Corp. is exploiting or taking advantage of blacks by targeting that particular market with its popular and successful Ice Cube ads is a totally racist remark. The implication is that black people are less qualified than white people to choose the brand of alcohol they prefer and are less responsible in the way they handle it. Nobody seems to be criticizing wine companies that target a white yuppie market by using those precious little upscale-dinner-party commercials. Consider the fact that wine has a higher alcohol content than malt liquor.
Pamela T. Creighton
Los Angeles

English Beat
I just thought I’d write to you to say how much I enjoyed reading your magazine over the last year. Although it is not available on newsstands in England (I get my copy through Tower Records), it is always worth going out of my way to get. Thank you for producing an outstanding magazine, which is informative as well as fun to read.
Andrew Docker

Corrections: In a photo from the opera The Death of Klinghoffer, the singer playing Klinghoffer was misidentified. It was Sanford Sylvan.
In an album review, Bryan Adams’ place of residence was incorrect. His home base is Vancouver, B.C.