What is Marla Maples up to? -- Donald Trump's ex-wife shows up on ''Designing Women''

Yes, Marla Maples appears as herself on the Oct. 7 episode of CBS’ Designing Women, but the news du jour is her post-Donald fling with pop star Michael Bolton, which came to light last week when the two were reportedly seen riding the Zipper, a carnival ride at the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima, where the singer was performing. ”He’s a great entertainer, and I really enjoy his music,” is all Maples, 27, says of Bolton, 38, and then it’s on to this acting thing. ”I gave 100 percent of myself to Donald, but now it’s time I moved in my own direction. Doing this show (in which she advises Julia Duffy, above, how not to marry a millionaire) was a way to make light of a situation that the whole world has made so dramatic. All this attention — it just flabbergasts me.”