Trompe Le Monde

Back in ye olde England, pixies were mythical creatures that surrounded, taunted, and confused innocent travelers. Today’s Pixies, a four-piece band from Boston, look pretty mild, but if they ever caught a stray woodsman without his ax — Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach, say — they’d instantly force the sucker to his knees, subduing him by their sheer sonic boom. Never a particularly quiet band, the Pixies are brutally loud on their fourth album, Trompe Le Monde: There’s a high-pitched, blood-red shriek scarring the surface of every track. But beneath the churning beat and wild noise, on songs like ”Planet of Sound” and ”Alec Eiffel,” the band plays sweetly pretty carnival-style melodies, full of angelic harmonies and hushed, echoey sound effects, while singer-guitarist Black Francis unleashes ominous, twisted sci-fi lyrics, sick-dog howls, and a spooky worldview (”I was looking handsome/She was looking like an erotic vulture”). Trompe Le Monde — French for ”Fool the World” — isn’t for the squeamish. But if you’re into the raw power of a punk-rock Ring of the Nibelung, go ahead and crank it. A-

Trompe Le Monde
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