Teen sex -- A rundown of TV characters who've lost their virginity from on shows like ''Blossom'' and ''Roseanne''

When TV’s littlest doctor lost his virginity on the season premiere of ABC’s Doogie Howser, M.D., it touched off a torrent of angry viewer mail. But let’s be fair — the Doogster isn’t the only TV teen doing the horizontal hula. Check out the scorecard below, an up-to-the-minute guide to everything you ever wanted to know about TV teen sex…but were too embarrassed to ask.

On Deck
True Colors
Sept. 15, 1991: Terry, 18, gets teased by his younger brother for being a virgin.

First Base
Sept. 16, 1991: Blossom,15, must decide if she’s ready to ”go to second” with her boyfriend.

Second Base
Oct. 9, 1990: Dan and Roseanne catch Darlene, 15, making out on the sofa; later she admits that her boyfriend ”felt her up.”

Third Base
Life Goes On
On Oct. 20, 1991: Becca, 16, decides whether she’s ready to go ”all the way” with Tyler.

Home Plate
Beverly Hills, 90210
May 2, 1991: Brenda loses her virginity to Dylan. Afterward, both of them regret it.
Sept. 17, 1991: Becky, 17, asks her mom for birth control pills.

Hall of Fame
Married…With Children
Any episode: Kelly Bundy demonstrates her own version of the squeeze play.

Beverly Hills, 90210
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