Rock Video Girls

Well, here’s a tape that won’t win any awards from the National Organization for Women. Profiling 10 of the most successful professional bimbos in the music-video business, Rock Video Girls offers an up-close-and-personal peek at the women who strut their stuff for such bands as Aerosmith, Warrant, and Mötley Crüe. Between clips of the gals at work (one gets hosed down in a giant fish tank, another performs foreplay with a mannequin), we learn all about their private lives, musical tastes, and why they’ve made a career out of flashing their bods on MTV. ”I love to be naked,” purrs one as she teasingly plays with the straps of her microscopic tank top. ”I love doing things where I don’t have much clothing on.” She has ample opportunity in this shameless jigglefest, as the cameras zoom in on her naughty bits. Sexist? Sleazy? Stupid? You bet. But at least the lighting is good. C

Rock Video Girls
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