Pop Pop

It takes talent to make a completely and utterly unlistenable album, and no one would deny that Rickie Lee Jones has lots of talent. How unfortunate that she has devoted it to creating music that sounds as if it’s sung by Lily Tomlin’s bratty toddler, Edith Ann. A scrambled mess of crooner ballads and Broadway tunes, along with Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane songs, Pop Pop is glop glop, as painful to listen to as it is to describe. Despite coproducer David Was’ noble efforts at providing Jones an interesting musical context — in this case, nylon-string guitar played by Robben Ford augmented by jazz players like Charlie Haden and Joe Henderson — musicianship alone can’t cover up the fact that Jones now sounds mushy and sour, like she’s got a Popsicle in her mouth — and it’s very likely lemon-flavored. C-

Pop Pop
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