More ''Godfather'' scenes -- Francis Coppola added some clips to the video release of ''Part III''

While directors from Alfred Hitchcock to Woody Allen have been accused of making the same movie over and over, nobody has gone as far as Francis Coppola. For the video edition of The Godfather Part III, he reworked and added several scenes, including Al Pacino and Diane Keaton visiting Vito Corleone’s birthplace and Sofia Coppola plaintively asking her don daddy if she’s just a dupe. But that’s not the only small-screen fiddling Coppola and editor Walter Murch have done this year. They’ve also prepared a 10-hour compendium of all three films with even more outtake footage from the first two than appeared in an earlier, 6 1/2-hour compilation, The Complete Epic (now of course incomplete and withdrawn from video).

Murch says that in assembling this as yet untitled ”monster Godfather for the ’90s,” which should arrive on cable later this year and on video in 1992, he came to see it ”like a piece of music that can keep getting reinterpreted. We made some Sicily scenes with Vito (Robert De Niro) into flashbacks again, which they weren’t in the Epic, and added back just about everything we ever shot.” Just about? ”Well,” Murch admits, ”there are a few bits of business we didn’t use. And there’s talk of another feature with Andy Garcia.” Just wait, collectors — you may yet see 2001: A Godfather Odyssey.

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