Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Garth Brooks, Alec Baldwin, and ''The Fisher King''

Mail from our readers

  • Brooks Hooks
  • I’m a country-music maniac, and there has never been a musician who has captured me like Garth Brooks has (#84, Sept. 20). I am head over heels, crazy in love with his music. Thank you for the great article on Garth. And as for his comment that performing a concert ”is like great sex,” well, watching and listening to him perform is even better.
  • Kathie Jensen
  • Cornelius, Ore.

Thank you for the enlightening article on Garth Brooks. Brooks has reconfirmed what I thought all along about him. If he thinks wife abuse is something to joke about, then maybe he needs to realize who his biggest fans are — women! And these women are the ones buying most of his albums and going to his shows. Wake up, Garth. You had better realize that you can go down as fast as you went up.
Karen Erickson
Riverdale, Ga.

Casting Joust
What made the book The Hunt for Red October such a good read was the story, the rich characters, the technical jargon, and author Tom Clancy’s marvelous style. What made the movie such a success was a truly remarkable job of casting.
That Alec Baldwin has chosen to vocalize his complaints and concerns about the movie industry should have no bearing on whether or not he gets a part that is clearly made for him. If this is what made Paramount take away his role in the sequel, Patriot Games, and give it to Harrison Ford, then shame on them. Of course, the studio will realize its mistake when The Patriotic Adventures of Indiana Jones doesn’t do as well as they think it will.
Juanita J. Jensen
Pinole, Calif.

Familiar Story
Happily, I saw The Fisher King before reading the issue wherein your critic Owen Gleiberman not only slammed it but proceeded to tell the story of the film in some detail. Now, I will concede that opinions can be divergent in the subjective area of criticism (I loved the film), but please refrain from printing the complete story line in a review, as it takes the pleasure of discovery out of film viewing.
Karen Gibson
New York City

Fall From Grace
As a longtime fan of Peyton Place in its various incarnations, I was thrilled that you chose to pay homage to the town with your Encore piece. But isn’t it about time that author Grace Metalious was immortalized even further with a really tacky made-for-TV movie based on her own life story? Let me just add that Jose Ferrer wasn’t exactly ”featured” in Return to Peyton Place. He directed it.
Jack Stalnaker

Farewell to Dottie
Grateful thanks for your wonderful tribute to Dottie West. She was truly a class act in country music, and her thousands, maybe millions, of fans have been saddened by her untimely death. Because of her gifts of singing and songwriting, she will remain in our hearts for a long, long time. Goodbye, sweet Dottie, and thanks for bringing into our lives some of your country sunshine.
Terrence Bradley
Los Angeles