A made up Top 10 list -- ''Late Night'''s writers came up with a list for ''EW''

Pocket Books has just published its second collection of top 10 lists from Late Night With David Letterman. Here, created especially for EW by the Letterman team, is a Late Night list you won’t find in the book.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Top 10 Rejected Cover Stories

10. Get Ready for Andy Griffith — Rap Star!
9. Bath Time With the Borgnines
8. Preview of the New Season on the Weather Channel
7. We Rate the Robert Mitchum Impersonators
6. Axl Rose Ranks His All-Time Favorite Saul Bellow Novels
5. McLaughlin Groupies: The Most Fanatical News Junkies Ever!
4. Angela Lansbury — Pregnant and Nude
3. Readers Poll: Which of the Golden Girls Will Die First?
2. John Hurt, William Hurt, John Heard — Why One of Them Must Be Killed

And the No. 1 rejected cover story (drum roll)
1. Van Damme: Why I Love Kicking People

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